How do I clean a very dirty shower cubicle?



Want to clean a very dirty shower enclosure? Is the tile scaled and the wall dull? Does a nauseating smell spread more and more and are you looking for good tips to get rid of it forever? Know that there are simple and effective solutions that you can implement to keep your cabin clean and healthy for a long time. However, regular maintenance requiring consideration of each part is necessary. Discover the good tips for washing your very dirty shower cabin.

Dirty shower window

Products to use for cleaning your shower enclosure

For cleaning your shower cabin, there is a whole fleet of chemical products. However, to remove scale or fight against mold at the level of the seals, you don’t necessarily have to ruin your health with these kinds of products that put your health and the longevity of your shower equipment to severe tests. Both pollutants for the planet and harmful to humans, they contain carcinogenic substances, skin and respiratory irritants, and substances likely to disrupt the endocrine system.

So what to do? The homemade solutions are the ones we recommend the most. Start by arming yourself with a squeegee that can allow you to chase stagnant water on the walls. White vinegar, lemon, Blanc de Meudon, baking soda or even clay stone are products that you must have at hand for the ecological maintenance of your shower cabin.

Natural ingredients

What procedure to properly clean a shower cabin?

For effective maintenance of your shower cabin, it is important to clean each part. Follow our instructions to this effect:

Clean the cabin wall

To achieve convincing results, start cleaning your the walls of your shower. This is undoubtedly one of the parts most exposed to water jets and probably the dirtiest. For this, the lemon, a 100% natural anti-scale and antiseptic, will be your ally. You can use it in two different ways:

  • First, cut the lemon into two pieces and use half a lemon to rub the windows, tiles, and door of your shower. Let it rest for a few minutes to let the citric acid dissolve the lime deposits and various dirt before rinsing it with warm water. If necessary, wipe the walls with a dry cloth.
  • Second, make a mixture of lemon juice and hot water, then spray it on the dirty walls of the cabin. Make it rest for about 30 minutes then rinse abundantly with a microfiber cloth.

Lemon is a natural acid with formidable descaling and deodorizing properties. Thus, in addition to ridding the walls of your shower cabin of various dirt, it will also get rid of bacterial agents and bad smells that persist there.

Don’t forget to rinse the walls daily after each shower. Regularly use the squeegee to eliminate shower gel and water drops that cause lime deposits.


Attack the back panels

The back panels of a shower cabin are also exposed to scale which makes them dull in the long term. Being very often in glass or tile, the lemon trick detailed above also allows you to keep it clean.

However, another ecological and effective solution exists especially for cleaning the back panels. This is white vinegar which has the advantage of cleaning and disinfecting very dirty shower cabins.

Mix the white vinegar in equal proportion with water (50% -50%) and spray the solution obtained on the back panels. Let it act for a few minutes before scrubbing (if necessary) with a sponge or squeegee. Rinse sufficiently then dry the panels. If they were very dirty and scaled, prefer pure white vinegar to carry out the operation.

Good to know: ensure correct ventilation of the shower cabin after using white vinegar, because the resulting odor can be irritating, even aggressive.

Jus de citron pour nettoyer une cabine de douche

Make the taps shine

Phase 3 of your very dirty shower cabin cleaning operation should now be directed toward the taps. Make a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to rid them of all dirt and make them shine. Apply the paste obtained at the joints and taps, then scrub with a toothbrush. Baking soda helps to dissolve lime deposits and make the tap shine without damaging it.

A second alternative to restore the shine to the taps is to spread the absorbent paper on the taps and then spray white vinegar on them. Let it act for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.


Vinaigre Blanc pour nettoyer une cabine de douche

Finish with cleaning the tray

Effective cleaning of a very dirty shower cabin ends with the maintenance of the tray. You can wash it deeply using clay stone, a simple and effective solution. Rub a damp sponge on the clay stone and use it to scrub the tray before rinsing.

A second homemade recipe intended for cleaning the shower tray consists of preparing your own ecological and less expensive scouring cream. To do this, mix ¼ kg (0.55 lbs) of baking soda with 100 ml (3.3 oz) of liquid black soap. Then use the paste obtained with a sponge or a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the tray, then rinse abundantly with clean water.

Baking soda for shower stall cleaning

The right actions to adopt for a clean and healthy shower cabin

To start, do not put off the maintenance of your cabin. In one way or another, you are required to do so, so adopt a maintenance routine that will save you time.

Regularly rinse the panels and cabin walls

Every day, after your shower, rinse the tiles and windows then wipe them with a squeegee or a cloth. This insignificant gesture aims to prevent the deposit of scale contained in water particles which, in the long run, will make your cabin very dirty.

A clean shower cubicle

Ventilate the bathroom

After rinsing the walls of your cabin, also make sure to let air in. In the absence of a ventilation system, simply open the window to let natural air pass. Humidity quickly dirties the tiles and is the cause of mold that infects your cabin.

Avoid chemical detergents

We repeat it again, due to the aggressive nature of these cleaners, avoid using them to clean your shower cabin. In the long run, they could damage the installations, which can cause water leaks.

Prioritize natural detergents which are just as effective in addition to being healthy for your environment and your health. The Eau de maison brand is a manufacturer of refillable ecological cleaning products, including the Boscus bathroom cleaner.

Boscus for cleaning a shower enclosure

In addition to being practical, the rechargeable powder system of our products allows zero-waste use thanks to its reusable aluminum bottle. The goal of this creation is to obtain an effective product while being totally respectful of the environment.

In addition, remember that to clean a shower cabin, you must follow a given order. Respect it to clean each of the components in depth.

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