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How to clean windows without streaks?



Would you like simple, effective tips for cleaning your windows without leaving streaks? Do you want to methodically eliminate dirt from your windows without leaving annoying streaks? Cleaning windows is certainly a tedious task, but natural recipes without the use of chemicals exist to make the task easier and to achieve convincing results. Here are some tips and miracle recipes to make your windows spotless, which we cover in this article.

Clean windows without streaks


Get the necessary equipment to properly clean your windows without leaving streaks

Regardless of the cleaning trick you decide to use, it is still important to use the appropriate materials to prevent unsightly streaks from appearing. If you’ve been used to using a roll of paper towels, stop immediately and now prefer:

Crumpled newspaper

You may not know it, but printer ink cleaner is a must-have for making your windows shine. This cleaning material is widely used by DIY enthusiasts and clever housekeepers. It is also a golden opportunity to recycle old newspapers that are cluttering your cupboard.

Newspaper for streak-free window cleaning

Crumpled microfiber cloth

Depending on the glass surface to be polished, two or three cloths may be needed. The advantage of this material is that its tight fiber composition makes it suitable for both cleaning and drying windows. However, make sure they are clean and not linty before using them.

A squeegee or mop

This is the preferred material of professional window cleaners, and for good reason, its use requires little effort. Perfect for cleaning dirt and streaks on large glass surfaces, a squeegee or mop saves you time without tiring you out.

Simple method for cleaning windows without streaks.

Here are the top 7 old-fashioned tips for cleaning windows without streaks:

    • White vinegar : This 100% ecological tip for cleaning your windows without streaks is very effective

White vinegar is the ideal product for making your windows shine without leaving unsightly streaks. How to use it? Just make a mixture of 750 ml of warm water and 250 ml of white vinegar in a small container. Using a spray, mist it on the windows and then rub with a clean cloth or newspaper. If you don’t have a spray, use a mop to apply and the mixture before scrubbing.

Economical, practical, effective, anti-limescale, and antibacterial, white vinegar not only cleans your windows but also helps to keep flies and spiders away from your home.

  • Dish soap: The magic recipe for creating the WOW effect

You may not know this, but dish soap can indeed be used to clean your windows. To do this, all you have to do is dilute it in warm water, and then use it to scrub the dirty surface with newspaper or a cloth. A flexible squeegee may be necessary to remove the remaining excess water and wipe down with a non-lint cloth. With this trick, your glass will be shiny and without marks.

  • Combine Lemon Juice and Onion to Polish Windows

Lemon juice mixed with onion also works wonders when it comes to window cleaning. Combined with hot water, this mixture proves to be one of the most effective eco-friendly cleaners out there. All you have to do is spray the dirty windows with the mixture and then scrub them with a balled or rolled-up newspaper. Now take a step back and admire the result: it should be absolutely flawless!

Lemon juice for streak-free window cleaning

  • The “blanc de Meudon” : very efficient to degrease your windows

You can always give your windows a sparkle by mixing the following: half a glass of Marseille soap diluted in a glass of hot water, then add 250 grams of “Blanc de Meudon“. The method of use remains the same: scrub the concerned surface with a cloth soaked in the liquid and let it dry. With a chamois leather, you can polish the windows for a more brilliant result.

  • Rubbing Alcohol for Immaculate Windows

Rubbing alcohol is also a very effective cleaner for polishing windows without leaving marks. Whether it’s fingerprints, mold, or especially condensation during the cooler period, rubbing alcohol always proves effective. Nothing complex about how to use it: simply rub the windows with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol until the dirt disappears. To make the windows shinier, simply dilute the product with a little warm water.

  • Baking Soda: Essential for Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Baking soda for streak-free window cleaning

This is a formidable eco-friendly cleaning product to use for streak-free window washing: baking soda. The miracle solution is obtained as follows: mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a liter of boiling water. For usage, just dip a microfiber cloth in the resulting mixture and use it to scrub the windows in order to eliminate all the dirt and fingerprints. Finally, don’t forget to wipe the glass one last time, this time with another dry microfiber cloth.

  • A Steam Cleaner: Also Very Effective

One last tip to restore the original shine to your windows: use a steam cleaner. This appliance is very effective due to its operation mode, which involves expelling steam on the windows to remove the dirt and marks that make them dull. To obtain a satisfying result, make vertical movements with the steam cleaner while staying 10 cm away from the concerned surface. Once all the windows have been cleaned, dry them by passing the squeegee from top to bottom. Finally, clean up the last droplets that have escaped the scraping and admire the result: clean and streak-free.

Ecological Cleaning Product to Clean Your Windows Streak-Free

As a manufacturer of cleaning products, we have spent a year and a half formulating a quality window and mirror cleaner. A natural, alcohol-free product that allows you to easily clean your windows without leaving marks and without rinsing.


In addition to being effective, the refillable powder system of our products allows for zero-waste usage thanks to its reusable aluminum bottle. The goal of this creation was to obtain an effective product while being totally respectful of the environment.

Choosing the Ideal Time to Wash Your Windows

Once you’ve chosen the ideal trick to clean your windows without leaving marks, there is always the issue of determining the right time to do it. Indeed, you don’t wake up on a whim to start scrubbing your windows. Before you put on your cleaning gloves and embark on this task, take a look at the weather.

If the weather is rainy, don’t hesitate to postpone your task, as raindrops are well known for leaving marks on the panes. Consequently, you risk repeating the same chore in a short amount of time… which you certainly won’t like!

Similarly, very sunny days are also not suitable for window cleaning. This is justified by the fact that when the sun’s rays are intense, the water evaporates faster and tends to leave marks on the windows

On the other hand, slightly sunny days, overcast weather, and late afternoons are the most recommended times to wash your windows. During these shady times, the operation can proceed perfectly without the risk of seeing marks appear later.

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