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How to effectively clean and shine stainless steel?



Most kitchen facilities and utensils, as well as our appliances (fridge, microwave, oven) are made from stainless steel. This is a perfect alloy of chrome and iron, giving it a certain inflexibility to rust and corrosion. However, beyond its robust and charming appearance, stainless steel is easily tarnished by stains; and naturally, it needs to be cleaned. Maybe you’ve tried to get rid of them on your own, but the results have always been unsuccessful. In this post, we give you foolproof tips to effectively clean stainless steel and make your utensils shine.

Stainless steel kitchen host

Effective stainless steel cleaning: products to avoid

First of all, not all products are suitable for cleaning stainless steel. While some are automatically ineffective, others are dangerous and can damage the coating on your appliances. For your health and the longevity of your objects, here are the products you should never use to clean stainless steel:

  • powders,
  • scraping sponges and scouring pads,
  • bleach.

In reality, most of these products contain acidic, abrasive, or stain-removing elements that quickly attack the structure of stainless steel, despite its robust appearance. However, stainless steel can tolerate many eco-friendly cleaning products that facilitate its cleaning.

Cleaning stainless steel effectively: Tips to know

To clean the stainless steel coating of your utensil without damaging it and restoring its original shine, here are the simple and effective tips to apply:

Mix baking soda with water

A versatile, eco-friendly cleaning product, baking soda also works wonders when it comes to effective products for effectively cleaning stainless steel. Take 2 or 3 teaspoons and mix with boiling water. Soak your sponge in the mixture and use it to scrub the stained stainless steel part. Finish the cleaning by rinsing the coating with clean water and dry it with a dry cloth.

Baking soda for effective stainless steel cleaning

Clean stainless steel effectively with household alcohol

Household alcohol is very effective when it comes to getting rid of dirt that dulls a stainless steel coating. All you need to do is put a few drops on a cloth and use it to scrub the area to be treated. Whether it’s the bottom of your sink, the coating of your fridge, or a pan prone to a resistant stain, this trick guarantees a result.

Mix lemon juice with oil

Lemon contains acidic components (in small proportions) that make it extremely effective on contact with stainless steel. This tip simply requires you to dip a sponge in lemon juice and scrub the stained wall with it. Then, rinse the surface with clean water before drying it. With a dry cloth soaked in oil, polish the coating and admire its shine.

Lemon juice for effective stainless steel cleaning

Clean stainless steel for good by diluting white vinegar in water

Dilute some white vinegar in water, and with a wipe soaked in the mixture, gently clean the stainless steel part. All you have to do is rinse the coating with clean water, and if necessary, dry it with a cloth. However, be careful never to use pure vinegar. This product, considering its acidity level, can quickly damage your stainless steel.

Use dish soap

To make your stainless steel walls clean and shiny, use dish soap, especially when it comes to kitchen utensils. With a sponge soaked in the liquid, gently clean the surface in question and then rinse it with clean water.

You can also make soapy water and proceed in the same way to clean the stainless steel coating of your appliances. For rinsing, prepare a small basin of warm water to which you will add a reasonable amount of Marseille soap (preferably).

Dishwashing liquid For effective stainless steel cleaning

White stone for effective stainless steel cleaning

For the daily maintenance of your sinks, kitchen backsplash, or any other appliance with a stainless steel coating, don’t hesitate to apply white stone. Get a small sponge for the occasion and after passing the stone, gently scrub the area in question before rinsing with clean water.

In the absence of white stone, Blanc de Meudon is perfectly suitable for revealing the brilliance of your stainless steel installations and utensils. Just put a little bit on the surface of a damp microfiber cloth and gently clean the stainless steel walls. Rinse with hot water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Eco-friendly cleaning products for effectively cleaning stainless steel

As a manufacturer of cleaning products, we have spent a year and a half formulating a high-quality anti-limescale cleaner. Only including natural products without controversial ingredients that make it easy to clean surfaces without leaving streaks and without rinsing.


In addition to being effective, the refillable powder system of our products makes them zero-waste. Thanks to its reusable aluminum bottle. The aim of this creation is to obtain an effective product that is totally respectful of the environment.

How to make stainless steel shine

Our stainless steel cleaning tips have certainly proven effective. But you are still wondering how to restore to your equipment that shine that charmed you in the store. Do not worry! The tips we list below will undoubtedly enchant you like the previous ones.

Rinse with water

This is the most basic way to make stainless steel shine. After a perfect cleaning, do not be surprised to see your objects shine thanks to a rinse with water, especially kitchen utensils if they were not very dirty.

Water rinse

Apply a nylon stocking

To polish a stainless steel coating, you can use a nylon stocking with which to rub it. Polish the stainless steel surface gently until the desired result is achieved. This method proves very effective for polishing a fridge, oven, or stainless steel stove.

Talc or hydrosilicate:

Talc, often used for cosmetic care, is also effective for making stainless steel shine. Just polish the area in question with a microfiber cloth accompanied by talc.

Talcum powder for shine

Sparkling water and clay stone:

Mix a little clay stone with sparkling water and apply to the wall with a cloth and rinse.

Olive Oil :

Get a clean cloth on which you will pour a few drops of olive oil. Use it to gently clean the stainless steel, and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Olive Oil

News paper

Here is a simple, but very effective eco-friendly tip for making the stainless steel in your kitchen shine. Well-known and used for decades, polishing with newspaper involves using it to scrub the surfaces by making rotary movements. Appliance, cooker hood, or worktop, the newspaper shows impressive versatility.

Protect the stainless steel coating daily

Stainless steel is a coating material that quickly tarnishes. It is invaded by dirt, water, and fingerprints. To keep it clean, regular maintenance is the reliable rule. Have this reflex so as not to let the dirt become more embedded because it will eventually make your task complex.

Beeswax to protect stainless steel

To better protect it, here is a little tip: use beeswax. Apply a thin layer to the coating using a microfiber cloth or a chamois. Like a windshield, you have just put in place a first protective layer. This will cushion scratches and other dirt that could have directly touched the stainless steel surface. However, remember that this certainly does not exempt you from cleaning your stainless steel coating.

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