What are the different types of cleaning products?



Are you overwhelmed by all the different types of cleaning products? Do you know which one is best suited to your needs? In this blog post, well break down the different types of cleaning agents and provide information on their uses. We hope this information will help you decide which product is right for you.

The different types of cleaning products

The different types of cleaning products



These are cleaning agents that generally come in liquid form. They are used to remove dirt, grease, and stains from surfaces. Common household detergents include laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and all-purpose cleaners.


The different types of cleaning products


This is another type of cleaning agent. They usually come in a bar or liquid form and are used to clean the body or remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Hand soap is a common example of a soap used daily.


These are cleaning products used to kill germs and bacteria. They are often used in hospitals, clinics and other places where there is a risk of infection. Disinfectants come in liquid, spray, gel or wipe form.

The different types of cleaning products: disinfectants


These are similar to disinfectants but are not as effective at killing germs. They are often used in food preparation areas to reduce the risk of food contamination. Sanitizers can come in liquid, foam or gel form.

Bleaching Agents

These cleaning products contain chemicals capable of removing stains, dirt and grime from surfaces. They are also used to bleach fabrics. Chlorine bleach, for example, is commonly used in households.

The different types of cleaning products: bleach

Descaling products

These products remove limescale from surfaces. They are often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Descaling products come in liquid, gel or tablet form.

Abrasive cleaners

These cleaning products contain small particles that remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Abrasive cleaners come in powder, cream or liquid form.

Floor protection products

These are products used to protect floors from dirt, stains and scratches. Floor protection agents can take the form of mats, rugs or floor waxes.

The different types of maintenance products: floor wax

Chemical and ecological cleaning products


Chemical cleaning products

These are cleaning products containing active chemical substances. They are used to remove stubborn stains. But these products can be hazardous to your health, so use them carefully.

The different types of cleaning products

Directions for use:

Always wear gloves and a mask to protect your hands and face when using a chemical cleaning product.

Make sure the room in which you use the product is well-ventilated.


Read the instructions carefully before using the product.


Be careful when using chemical cleaning products, and always follow the safety instructions.

Ecological cleaning products

These natural agents should be preferred to chemical products, as they help preserve the air in your home. The Eau de Maison offers a range of natural products, free from controversial ingredients that are entirely respectful of your environment and your health.


Spray-bottle-refillable-cleaning-anti-scale-cleaner-ecological-bathroom-eau-de-maison-MontpellierAgrumea bottle for streak-free window cleaningBottle-spray-refillable-cleaner-ecological-multi-purpose-degreaser-eau-de-maison-Montpellier

The Boscus, Agrumea and Aromata products work with a refillable powder system that enables zero-waste use thanks to their reusable aluminum bottles. The aim of this creation is to obtain an highly-effective product that is totally respectful of the environment.


Why choose eco-friendly cleaning products?

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products are safer to use because they don’t contain harmful chemicals. They do not pollute the air or contribute to water pollution. Moreover, they dont harm the ozone layer, so they help protect the planet.

How do I choose eco-friendly cleaning products?

There are many criteria you can take into account when choosing ecofriendly cleaning products. First, check that the product has a recognized certification, such as Ecocert or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Next, make sure the product does not contain harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Finally, choose a product whose packaging is recyclable or compostable.

ecocert ecological cleaning products

What are the advantages of green cleaning products?

Ecological cleaning products have many advantages. They are environmentally friendly and do not contribute to pollution. What’s more, they don’t damage the ozone layer, helping to protect the planet. Finally, they’re often gentler on your skin, so there’s no risk of irritation or allergies.




In short, there are many types of cleaning products on the market. Some people prefer to use chemical-based cleaners, while others find that ecological or green cleaners suit them better. Ultimately, its up to each individual to decide which type of cleaner best suits their needs and lifestyle.

However, if youre looking to make your home a safer place for you and your family, its important to start by using eco-friendly cleaners and sorting through the different types of cleaning products you use. Not only are they better for the environment, they can also be just as effective as traditional cleaners in removing dirt and grime. Try them today and see the difference for yourself!

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