Faire le ménage avec des produits naturels

What natural products can I use for cleaning?



Many households have recently been adopting eco-friendly cleaning products for their cleaning sessions. Effective, healthy, and economical, cleaning with natural products is becoming a habit. Perhaps you also want to follow the trend to preserve your health and the environment by cleaning with natural products, but you do not yet know which natural product is suitable for cleaning such and such a place. Descaler, disinfectant, or anti-limescale, discover the eco-friendly products to use for your daily cleaning.

Cleaning using natural products

Water: the all-rounder for cleaning with natural products

We tend to ignore it when it comes to listing natural cleaning products. Yet, water is an essential element for faultless cleaning. You can use it, hot, warm, and even cold, to de-grease dirty surfaces. Sometimes, some embedded dirt dissolves in contact with water and dispenses with the need to resort to powerful products.

However, it is worth remembering that the cleaning power of water is very limited. For example, it proves ineffective against complex dirt like limescale or grease; this requires it to be combined with other more efficient cleaners.

Baking soda: deodorizer and abrasive

Also called sodium bicarbonate, this cleaner is a powder that comes in a more or less fine form. Because of its versatility, you absolutely must have it in your natural cleaning package.

Baking soda has degreasing, anti-limescale, disinfectant, and also fungicidal properties. You can use it to suck up the bad odors from the fridge, sanitize your toothbrushes, eliminate mold from bathrooms, or clean your oven. Also in the bathroom, baking soda can be used to make the bathtub and sink shine. By combining it with white vinegar, you get an effervescent solution ideal for unclogging your pipes.

However, avoid using baking soda on aluminum, wool, or silk. You can find it in an eco-friendly store, in a supermarket, or in a drugstore. 16 oz (450g) of baking soda can cost as low as $1 in the United States.

Baking soda for cleaning with natural products

Soda crystals: degreasing and disinfectant products

Equipped with powerful corrosive properties, soda crystals are biting and require quite a few precautions regarding their handling. Therefore, be sure to put on your gloves before using them during your cleaning sessions. Diluted in hot water, they are very effective for degreasing or cleaning very dirty surfaces.

Soda crystals are also used to descale taps and tiled surfaces. If your sink is full of food debris or clogged pipes, soda crystals dissolved in boiling water can be very useful. You can also use it to make your glassware shine or recover your burnt pans.

To buy this natural cleaning product, go to an eco-friendly store, a supermarket (in the cleaning product aisle), or a drugstore. It’s generally more expensive than baking soda.

White vinegar: antiseptic and anti-limescale

Derived from beet alcohol or grains, white vinegar or alcohol vinegar is an essential multi-use cleaner for natural household maintenance. Consisting of water and acetic acid, it is mainly used to eliminate bad odors and bacterial agents. Hot or cold, you can use it to sanitize your fridge and wash your windows.

At the same time, white vinegar can be used to remove limescale from tiles, taps, coffee machines, or kettles. And if your laundry is dull, it is the perfect product to soften and brighten its colors.

Good to know: dilute the white vinegar strongly before using it to descale a marble surface. Never use it against limestone or varnished surfaces.

White Vinegar

Lemon: deodorant and descaler

Lemon is a citrus fruit whose juice contains 5% citric acid. Renowned for its disinfectant and anti-scale properties, it is mainly used to remove grease stains and deodorize heavily soiled areas.

You can use your lemons, cut in half, to get rid of bacteria nestled at the base of taps and make them shine at the same time. As effective as white vinegar, lemon also adds a fleeting scent that makes it useful in the kitchen and shower. Because of its acidic composition, always wear gloves and refrain from using them on marble or blue stone.

Lemon juice for effective stainless steel cleaning

Black soap: cleaning and degreasing

Present in liquid or pasty form, black soap is a mixture of vegetable oil (flax, olive, sunflower) and potash. It is a powerful multi-purpose, ecological detergent that is highly suitable for cleaning your various coatings while protecting them.

Versatile, black soap is mainly used for cleaning floors: tiles, marble, terracotta tiles, stoneware, stone, etc. It is perfectly suitable for scouring the splashback in your kitchen, cleaning the sink, degreasing the oven, and washing your dirty windows.

Kitchen salt: cleaning and abrasive

If you are looking for an ecological cleaning product capable of cleaning and shining your installations, whether in the kitchen or in the shower, look no further; kitchen salt, thanks to its abrasive properties, works wonders. Usable as a scouring paste, it is a multi-use product applicable to all surfaces except ceramic ones, which are very fragile. You can also use it to remove coffee stains in cups by combining it with white vinegar. For laundry, a few pinches of salt in a basin help preserve the colors of jeans.

Kitchen salt for cleaning with natural products

Cleaning with natural products: Linseed Oil

If you have wood or terracotta coatings, this is an excellent cleaner to maintain and keep them alive. You can also use it to clean your dirty and dull linens to revive their shine. But beware, linens soaked in linseed oil can self-ignite. It is therefore advised to dry them well outdoors before approaching a heat source.

Ecological cleaning products “Eau de Maison”

As a manufacturer of cleaning products, we spent a year and a half formulating a multi-surface cleaner, a window and mirror cleaner and a quality anti-limescale cleaner. Natural products without controversial materials that allow easy cleaning of surfaces without leaving streaks and without rinsing.

Boscus limescale remover for cleaning with natural productsAgrumea windows cleaner for cleaning with natural productsAromata multi-surfaces for cleaning with natural products

In addition to being effective, the refillable powder system of our products allows zero-waste use thanks to its reusable aluminum bottle. The aim of this creation was to obtain an effective product while being totally respectful of the environment.

2 homemade recipes for house cleaning with natural products

When you have some of these products listed above, you can compose ecological cleaners yourself. Find here simple processes to start this DIY.

Making a multi-purpose product for house cleaning with natural products

To compose this mixture, you will need among other things:

  • a tablespoon of baking soda and white vinegar;
  • a liter of water;
  • a small bottle of tea tree essential oil.

In a jug, pour the baking soda and vinegar. Shake the mixture a little before adding 10 drops of the essential oil, and finally the liter of water. The resulting mixture will allow you to clean and disinfect all kinds of surfaces (except marble).

DIY cleaning with natural products

Compose floor cleaner and stain remover

Pour 3 tablespoons of soda crystals into a jug, then add a teaspoon of Marseille soap chips. Blend until a homogeneous mixture is obtained before adding 1 liter of boiling water. Whether it’s a pie, grease, or any other dirt, use this product to remove and clean it.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the use of these products for your daily cleaning comes with several advantages. First, they are practical and accessible. Undoubtedly, most of these cleaners, notably vinegar, baking soda, or lemon, are already in your kitchen cupboards.

Moreover, they protect your health by limiting your contact with dangerous, corrosive, irritating, or even carcinogenic chemical compositions. However, you should not rule out the fact that some natural products can corrode the skin if handled without protection. Finally, natural cleaning products are ecological and environmentally friendly.

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